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Increase Credit Score Quickly

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Jeffrey Said:

How can I increase my FICO score quickly?

We Answered:

First of all, how old are the tradelines (reported items) on your credit report? If they are old enough, say 5-6 years old or more, you may be able to dispute them. However, you must be aware that you do not want to initially dispute with the credit reporting agencies, but with the creditors themselves. It is called a "Request for Validation." Persuant to the Fair Debt Collections Act, 15 USC 1692g Sect. 809 (b), the debt collector must provide you with evidence that the debt belongs to you. If they CANNOT provide you with sufficent written proof, then persuant to Fair Debt Collections Act, they must stop all collection activity, and delete the tradeline from your credit report. BE AWARE: not all collectors are willing to cooperate. They may report a current delinquincy on your credit report while you fight the debt, and may begin the collection attempts all over again. Also keep in mind that it is very feasible that the creditors may validate the debt(s), re-report to the credit bureaus, and your score may go down.
Please note that there is no such thing as a quick fix. Fixing your credit takes time, energy, and a whole lot of patience. Don't fall prey to any company that claims to fix your credit overnight, especially when they are charging a ridiculous amount of money. Even if it is possible, the next scoring cycle may put you right back to where you started. Credit repair can be done on your own for free. If you are interested, I have completed a massive amount of research, and I have a collection of interactive PDF forms that you can complete and mail off to the collectors as well as the credit reporting agencies.
If a creditor validates a debt, then you need to work with them on a settlement. DO NOT send them a payment without a written agreement of the terms. Collectors are tricky, and want to collect as much from you as they can. In other words, get everything in writing. Again, I have settlement forms in PDF format should you be interested.
All of these techniques have worked for me, as I have increase my score over 120 points in the past 14 months. At a 518 FICO score, you really don't have much to lose...

Neil Said:

Which is better for your credit score, paying a car off quickly or making payments over a period of time?

We Answered:

Auto finance is what I do for a living and credit scores are over 90% based on the last 24-months of activity and your payment history's makes up a full 35% of that so to get the very best results score wise you need to make at least 18-24 payments as agreed.

Catherine Said:

How do I increase my credit score quickly (30 to 90 days)?

We Answered:

i do not know how much your score can be rasied but this will defeinitely help you out. i went to , a totally free service that helps you raise your credit and create a plan to keep it up. its pretty helpful.

Connie Said:

How do I increase my credit score on equifax quickly?

We Answered:

I know that one possible way to improve you credit score immediately (shared with me while trying to purchase a house by my Real Estate Agent) is by someone with EXCELLENT credit adding you as an "authorized user" to one of their credit cards. It worked like a charm!!!

I don't think RAISING a credit limit would make a score better, but it sounds about right as long as you don't have that much used on the card. BUT... I wouldn't take the chance. The more credit, the less they want to approve because that's considered a debt by default.

Good luck!!

Danny Said:

How can I increase my credit score quickly??? I'm at 644.?

We Answered:

Your question is way too broad to answer here, so take a look at these links here.

See how they're for credit repair and rebuild? That's right, they deal directly with the question. You listening...Yahoo?

Sonia Said:

Various questions about credit from someone looking to increase score quickly?

We Answered:

It is NOT a good idea to pay off your credit card every month. If you want to increase your credit score, the best thing to do is to pay it off over time, being careful to make every payment on time and to pay more than the minimum balance due. Creditors want to see how you handle debt. If you pay it off every month, they see it as a cash transaction. Dont forget, they make money off the interest. So paying it off every month doesnt do that for them. It would be better if you just keep the 300 in the bank in case you have to pay it off for some emergency and make twice the minimum payment to show you can make regular on time payment.

You are not going to create an "excellent" credit rating in six months. It takes time. Dont worry. You have plenty of time to get bogged down in debt.

Velma Said:

Is there a way to increase my middle credit score by 2 points withing a month?

We Answered:

The best way would be to pay down a creditcard to lower your debt ratio. And like previously mentioned this can take over a month to show up. And even then, once you have them run your credit again, it could unexpectedly go down.

I used Nationwide. They have an online app, was quick, easy painless, and were the best rate out of many. Might be worth a try.

One more thing, if you are applying with different banks/brokers whoever, then do so w/ in a 14day period so it only affects your score once and not multiple times. (Applying for credit will usually lower your score.) Keep in mind too that the number of inquiries you make will also show up! Your Ad Here

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