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Audrey Said:

Will business debt accumulated under a sole proprietorship EIN number be assigned to my personal (SSN) credit?

We Answered:

As long as you never signed anything guarantying the debt of your failed company? You should be fine.

Chris Said:

Does anyone know how to get an account from a defunct company off a credit report?

We Answered:

A disconnected telephone does not mean that the company no longer exists. They may have changed telephone numbers. Less plausibly, they may be in business without having a telephone.

Each person has at least three credit reports, one each with TransUnion, Equifax, Experian, and possibly other credit reporting agencies. You will need to address each credit report individually; they are not linked.

She (not you) must write to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian, by certified mail, return receipt requested, saying that she disputes this entry on her credit report.

The fastest option may be simply to dispute it on the grounds that it is is from 10 ten years ago. With the exceptions of bankruptcies and unpaid tax liens, nothing negative is supposed to remain for longer than 7 or 7.5 years.

The other option is to dispute it on the grounds that it has been paid (or even lie and say that it was never her debt). The credit reporting agency is then required to contact the company that originally reported the debt to them (SM Servicing); if they do not receive a response within a certain period of time (which they might not, if the company no longer exists), then they must remove the disputed entry. If they do receive a response verifying the original information, then they may leave the information on her report; however, if they do so, she can then request that they provide a current mailing address for the company that verified the information, and they must comply.

Morris Said:

If I were to start a business to business service, would it be illegal in the US to set up a payment plan...?

We Answered:

As long as you have their written permission from them to check their credit it would not be illegal.

Alfred Said:

How do I fix credit report when the credit card company is no longer in business?

We Answered:

Dispute the credit account with the credit bureau. The credit bureau will try to contact the credit card company and when they find out they do not exist anymore you should automatically win the dispute and the account will be removed.

Good luck!

Alicia Said:

Business Credit Card unautherized charges?

We Answered:

1. The fair debt collection practices act.
2. The privacy act of 1974.
3. get a copy of a sign original contract from american express showing the terms of the agreement as well as their terms for paying what you owe.
4. Contact an attorney as well.
5. Ask for documentation from dish network(signed by you) authorizing them to make those charges.
6. If none of the above can be produced by these companies, begin lawsuit proceedings against them.

Juan Said:

How can I receive a letter from American Express stating they will remove their account from my credit report

We Answered:

Pay them. Their cancellation is NOT a negative score on your credit report but the collection agency they eventually refer you to when you don't pay will be. I have also had Amex freeze my account more than once so that I could verify my identity for no good reason, but they were perfectly happy to allow me to do that over the telephone. I don't know why they put you through that hassle.

I know you feel totally screwed over and you don't want to give them a dime, but in the long run you aren't "losing" the war by paying them. You are getting away from a bad situation. This way you won't spend the next few years dealing with Amex collections, crying, writing letters, hitting things, making calls, hitting more things, etc.

Just pay it and never,ever use that company again. Your Ad Here

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If they do so, she can then request that they provide a current mailing address for the company that verified the information, and they must comply.

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