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Card Credit Debt Reduction Services

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Craig Said:

How does credit counseling and companies that offer debt repayment programs work?

We Answered:

I'm sorry your in debt but you have taken the first step. You have admitted you need help. Contact & set up an appointment to get help.

They can help you set a budget & pay off your debt honestly.

Good luck!

Lance Said:

What is a debt reduction service that you can recommend in Queens or Long Island, New York that is honest?

We Answered:


Shawn Said:

Are there companies that can negotiate a reduction in my taxes and credit card debt?

We Answered:

Most of the tax settlement firms that advertise heavily are complete ripoffs. Their fees can run in to the thousands of dollars and the IRS still says "No" a vast majority of the time.

The IRS does have a settlement program for those people that owe more than $10,000. It is called an "Offer In Compromise". It is a complex matter. The "form" for the offer is 44 pages long and the IRS has 2 years to decide. The tax settlement firms will always tell you that you qualify. They tell everyone that they qualify but the truth is that the IRS says No over 80% of the time.

If you owe under $10,000 in taxes, there is nothing that anyone can do. Enter in to an installment agreement with the IRS and stick to it. If you owe more that $10,000, read up on "Offers in Compromise" at and, if you think that you qualify, contact a CPA or EA in your local area.

I don't know a lot about debt settlement companies but I believe that they also have a bad reputation for being ripoffs.

Allan Said:

How do I stop spam e-mails?

We Answered:

Whenever you get such a spam mail, do NOT unsubscribe to any of their services by using their links! Spam mails are sent randomly, by using an unsubscribe link you only confirm to those spammers that they hit a valid mail account and you'll be getting even more spam in the future! Now about fighting spam...

#1: Yahoo has a spamguard filter, but only if multiple users report an address as spam will it be treated as such by the filter.

You have a personal list for blocking addresses in spam options. Anything you mark as spam in Mail classic will be added to that list, in New Yahoo mail adding addresses to the list has to be done manually. If you ever receive anything from those addresses in the future, it will be deleted automatically, you won't even notice when you got some more crap from them. One problem though: the list of blocked addresses is limited to 500 and spammers often change their address. So you must sometimes delete some of the older blocked addresses to make room for new ones.

Go to this link where everything is explained in detail:

#2: The Federal Trade Commission ( is supposed to help you eliminate spam mails. Forward spam to:, in the subject line enter something like "unsubscribe link results in more spam", "unwanted spam message", "no unsubscribe link" or something similar.

When the FTC gets your mail, they will look into the matter and when they find out who the spamming source is, they will take legal actions.

#3: Check Iconix, once it is installed, it can easily identify whether a mail is Spam or comes from a trusted site, thus helping you to decide whether to open a mail or not. Mail services supported so far:

AT&T Yahoo! Mail
AOL Webmail
MSN Hotmail
Windows Live Hotmail
Outlook 2003
Outlook Express 6.0
AIM Webmail

Not supported are other mail services and also not MAC and Linux.

#4: Check Mailwasher, it helps to eliminate spam from your inbox...

Set up your email account(s) in MailWasher and hit the "Check Mail" button. It then downloads all new message headers and displays message details alongside each one (priority, subject, from, to, etc.). Any email that MailWasher considers to be spam is highlighted for easy sorting.

Two checkboxes are located next to each message header: "Delete" and "Bounce". If you click "Delete" the email will be marked for deletion, click "Bounce" and the mail will be marked for bouncing - a fake "address not found" email will be sent to the sender. Once you have decided what to bounce and delete, click "Process Mail" to get it done and your mail client launched for downloading all accepted emails.

MailWasher has a "blacklist" and a "friends list" to enter good and bad email addresses. Addresses in the blacklist are marked for deletion, and addresses in the friends list will be marked as okay. Filters can be set to increase MailWasher's effectiveness. You can have email addressed to "undisclosed recipients" automatically deleted and bounced for example.

Note: the program is free but limited to one email account, and doesn't include Hotmail support. MW Pro supports multiple mail accounts.

James Said:

Has Anyone ever used the company: Debt Reduction Services?

We Answered:

Always check out a company through the Better Business Bureau:

For a nonprofit, use one listed with the NFCC or AICCCA:

For self-help guidance, consult the debt articles on All the advice is free. Good luck! Your Ad Here

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