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Consolidated Credit Service

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Guy Said:

Do consolidated credit counseling services really work?

We Answered:

Yes but only if your creditors agree to work with them.

Ronnie Said:

Have you had an experience with Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc.?

We Answered:

it works if you continue with the payments & pay the maintenance/administrative fee. the concept is great & it works. i couldn't make the monthly but i've done an another workaround (without them) using the same idea & it works. contact me on how i did it personally.

Sharon Said:

Will using a credit counseling service to consolidated your debt have negative impact on your credit history?

We Answered:

Yes it will, I am a mortgage consultant and mortgage companies look at a Credit Counseling as a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Even if you credit score is low right now, if you have the equity in your home I would refinance your home and include all the other debt. This would be a lot cheaper and save you more money and your credit in the long run. If you need anymore advice. please feel free to contact me.

Ella Said:

by using a credit consolidating service will it damage my credit score how does it work and is it worth it?

We Answered:

It's a great option if the company is reputable and does what they're being paid to do. If you're getting fees up front and/or a run around then high-tail it outta there fast!

If you have minimal debt, try and attack it yourself for free.
The difference is that debt counselling is reported on your credit for 3 years as opposed to a collection/negative item for 7 years.

Jerome Said:

Has anyone ever used a consolidated credit service? if so--any recommendations?

We Answered:

I looked into several but saw through the scam. I heard there is one associated with Goodwill Industries. Doesn't make them better but this way someone can be held accountable, not in court of law but public opinion. Your Ad Here

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