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Jesse Said:

If I cancel my current cellphone plan to sign with another service, will this effect my credit rating?

We Answered:

No.. I wouldn't think changing your plan will effect your credit. As long as you are paying your bills.. you are building up the credit. It doesn't matter where you are paying.. as long as you are.

Elaine Said:

What is the best service to use to find a home loan with the best interest rates w/ average credit rating?

We Answered:

The best resource for these kinds of referrals is a good real estate agent. A good experienced agent will know the good companies to work with.

Byron Said:

Do bond credit rating services adequately reflect LBO bond risk?

We Answered:

First, I might say that I doubt seriously that you will find any LBO rated about junk status. That is BB. Most are rated at B or below.

As for the rating agencies. They make mistakes all the time. I remember their AAA rated bonds from Washington Public Power going into default. Investors lost everything. They also recently had GM and Ford way overrated. Still do even though they are now rated as junk.

An individual that buys junk rated bonds is assuming a good deal of specific risk. Most are purchased by mutual funds and hedge funds that buy a lot of different ones to reduce the specific risk. When the economy goes into the crapper, even their broad portfolios of junk bonds will suffer greatly.

Penny Said:

if i check my credit rating and score from true credit service does it effect my credit score?

We Answered:

No. This is what called a soft pull and doe's not reduce your score.

Only hard pulls like when you apply for a credit card, car loan, home loan or personal loan reduces your score.

Even then, the system is designed to know if you are looking to finance a car or home and lumps the inquiries together and only counts them as one pull. They all show on your credit, but you are only penalized once.

Michelle Said:

Does having to pay a small debt to a Debt Recovery service such as Wescot affect your credit rating?

We Answered:

Yes. Do you legally owe the debt? If its on a credit card or personal loan you may be able to get it legally cancelled altogether. Email for help. Your Ad Here

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