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Ruby Said:

Which credit reporting agency does Directv use when you apply for service?

We Answered:

There is no way to tell you, quite frankly. Directv is big enough that they probably use all 3 and just cycle through them depending on which region of the country you are in. You could try to call them up and ask them, but if you do it, do it anonymously.

And Average Joe is completely wrong on two counts:

1. It is FAR more common for your credit score to be different across the three credit bureaus than it is to be the same. This is due to the reporting policies of your creditors and third party assignees.

2. Paying old debts will most likely cause your credit score to go down, due to the vagaries of the scoring models incorporated by Fair Isaac. If you are going to pay old debts, you would need to negotiate a payment for deletion arrangement with them.

Don Said:

how do i report the " exchange place "? they call themselves, as a credit reporting service.?

We Answered:

I totally agree with Brad H

Contact your state attorney general.

While there are more credit bureaus than just the big three, this place sounds more like a marketing company. It also sounds like they were trying to get your personal info. No telling what reason is behind it, maybe just to sell you something or it could be for identity theft.

If they are passing themselves off as a credit bureau when they are not, that is illegal. - Report Them !!!

Stella Said:

Anyone start getting harassed by old creditors after buying a credit report service?

We Answered:

When you request your report, the will update their info....which in turn is available to any creditor who wishes to pull your account.

But wait a second! You said these debts are over 10 years old? For starters, they should not even be on your credit report.

And the Statute of Limitations has most likely expired, meaning that these guys can not sue you for the debts.

All they can do now is bark! They can call you and harass you, send you nasty letters. The debt does not go away, just their ability to take you to court and sue you. The dog can't bite.

Do you like to gamble? Buy lottery tickets? If you had a chance to drop $2 on a lottery ticket with the chance of winning $1000 would you buy it?

Then try this. Send each of these creditors who is calling you a certified letter. In it, inform them to cease and desist any further communications with you, including mail or phone calls. Inform them that you are aware that the Statute of Limitations has expired and they can not take any legal actions against you.

Then sit back. If any of them call you or send you a letter (they can send you only one more letter after they receive your's)....file a small claims lawsuit for $1000. You will easily win.

Take the time to read the Fair Debt Collections Act, as it explains what your rights are, and how to combat these idiots.

Tiffany Said:

Has anyone ever used th experian credit report service?

We Answered:

Yes I used them 6 months a go.

You have to sign up for a year and give your credit card details to get a report.

I remortgaged and the broker told me to get it before I did.

You get and e mail from them and you then have to telephone to cancel the subscription.

I phoned them up and cancelled . No trouble and they have not taken any money at all from my account.

Well worth getting a report it shows everything about your last years credit card payments and any loans you have had for the last ten years.

I just read the last answer.
I am in the UK and it works for me.

Terri Said:

how can i get in touch with the credit reporting service experian and actually talk to a real person?

We Answered:

if u go to the website all the info is there and a toll free #

Kristin Said:

What credit report service is the best value?

We Answered:

Rather than pay a monitoring service, spread out your free credit reports thru out the year -- one bureau every 4 months. Unless your personal info has been compromised, you really don't need to do more than that.

Kelly Said:

Anyone knows Rels Reporting Service which appears on my credit report?

We Answered:

Looks like a service or branch of Wells Fargo. Your Ad Here

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