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Josephine Said:

I just moved from Massachusetts to California. Will my auto insurance/accident history get transfered?

We Answered:

Short answer: Yes it will.

Long Answer: CLUE stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, which is run by ChoicePoint Inc. in Atlanta. It maintains a claims database that insurance companies use to decide who gets auto and homeowners insurance and how much they pay.

When it comes to auto reports, claims related to your vehicle or to your address show up on your CLUE report even if they have nothing to do with you. ChoicePoint says it encourages insurance companies to verify the information.

If you plan to insurance shop, consider ordering your CLUE report ahead of time so you won't be surprised as I was and will have a chance to correct errors. As I found out, you only need to order one report for your whole household. You can order over the Internet ( or if you were denied insurance or by calling 1-866-527-2600. You might want to check your credit report too if you haven't recently, since many insurance companies also rely on it in setting rates.

These questions can also be answered by a qualified insurance agent. I would suggest going to a free service such as:… It’s a web site that offers insurance information & information on policies nationwide. It also gives you the option to call local agents to get any of your questions answered. This service is 100% free and you are not obligated to buy anything. It is simply a way to get insurance information and be able to instantly compare rates in your area to find the best price/coverage.

Gary Said:

My company pay our commission every 6mths,my gross was 5081.00 and 1145.00 went to federal. Is this accurate?

We Answered:

Check out our website at and look under the payroll sections on the services page. You can figure out whatever it is you need to and do it all for free. Also have many other links to help you and newsletters you name it. Check it out, see what happens.

Friendly advice to all. Don't automatically assume that a tax credit, tax situation, tax advice or otherwise applies to you. As each situation and income level and otherwise differ, it may very well not. "I did this you can too, oh really now." this is the same as saying "I can say you money on your taxes but I haven't even seen them yet." Yeah right.

Thank you. I remain


Wayne Barney
BC Business Services, Inc.
Quality Financial Services Since 1994 with Clients in over 25% of the United States.
1877-343-5147 Toll Free
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George Said:

Can a lawyer increase the amount on a credit card debt summons?

We Answered:

You "need" to file an answer to the summons so they do not get an automatic default judgment against you.

You are correct that they cannot garnish SSDI. They also cannot seize your assets such as your home or car. They may be able to place liens on your home, or car, and get paid if you sell while the judgment is still active.

I don't know what state you lived in when you defaulted, but going by the two states listed in your profile - both states have a 3 year collecting SOL.

If you defaulted 3+ years ago then you need to include an affirmative defense of SOL in with your answer.

The state you listed that you are living in now also has a borrowing statute, where if you had lived in a state with a shorter SOL when you defaulted, then you are past the SOL in the state you say you are living in now.

Without knowing for sure which state you defaulted in and what state you are living in, it makes it a bit difficult to post the states statutes for you but I've referenced the TILA below:

The Federal Law - TILA (Truth In Lending Act) places credit cards as open accounts. (note § 101, § 102 and § 103)…


You might click on the last link I have listed in my profile to a free credit discussion board and do some reading or post your question in the Credit Forum. It's a totally free site to read, use the info posted on it and to ask questions.

Wanda Said:

rebate taxt check?

We Answered:

Rebates start landing in bank accounts: How will we spend?
Monday April 28, 6:07 pm ET
By Anne D'Innocenzio, AP Business Writer
As first tax rebates show up in checking accounts, many Americans eye groceries, not fancy TVs

NEW YORK (AP) -- Tax rebates have begun dropping into bank accounts, but in this economy, gas and groceries may trump a high-end TV, a fancy dress or a new sofa -- making the checks less of an economic jump-start than the government hoped for.

The first direct deposits from the Internal Revenue Service landed in bank accounts Monday, shoppers were already using the cash to play catch-up on the basics, such as milk and other groceries.

Analysts say the rest will probably be used to pay down debt.

Alicia Flaxman, a stay-at-home mother from Seekonk, Mass., was shopping at a Target store Monday and said she would use some of the rebate for food -- cheaper items like potatoes, not more expensive meat and fish.

"My bills are double," she said. "I go to the supermarket and I spend $200. I used to spend $120."

The rest of the money will probably go for summer clothes for her three children, she said.

The IRS aims to make 800,000 payments every day for the first three days of this week. No deposits will be made Thursday, and about 5 million on Friday.

How you receive the rebate depends on how you filed your taxes. Paper checks will go out beginning May 9. The exact timing for both direct deposit and paper checks depends on the last two digits of your Social Security number.

The rebates, which are expected to reach 130 million households, range up to $600 for individuals and $1,200 for married couples, plus $300 per child for eligible parents.

Eric Mossack of Spring Hill, Tenn., had his $1,200 rebate in his checking account Monday and spent some of it on clothing from Gap, Kohl's and other stores -- his first shopping spree in a few months, he said. The rest will go to car payments.

"We paid off something we owed, and had a little extra to spend," said Mossack.

But Bethany Blankley of Manhattan, who works in public relations, said she would immediately put the $600 she received Monday toward paying off credit cards. "The interest rates are high," she said.

That kind of frugality doesn't surprise analysts, who say shoppers are earmarking more of their money for groceries, the utility bill or credit card payments. Besides grocery chains, they expect discount retailers like Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and off-price clothing outlets like T.J. Maxx to benefit from the stimulus checks.

"Consumers are so feeling the pinch that ... they are really being forced to step away from luxury or discretionary purchases," said Janet Hoffman, managing partner of the North American retail division of Accenture.

But department stores and consumer electronics stores are unlikely to see a "measurable lift," Hoffman added. "The amounts are not that significant."

By comparison, previous government stimulus plans led to a lift across the entire retail industry, said Stacy Janiak, vice chairman and U.S. retail leader at Deloitte & Touche.

The rebates go out as the IRS finishes sending out its regular annual tax refund checks.

In an Associated Press-AOL Money & Finance poll earlier this month, 35 percent said they would use their regular tax refunds for bills and credit card payments. That was up from 27 percent who said that a year ago.

With consumer spending screeching to a halt in recent months, the retail industry needs shoppers to splurge. That's a big challenge. Gas could reach $4 a gallon this summer, and a gallon of milk is now about $4 on average as well.

"People who were eating steaks last year are now eating hamburger meat and pasta this year," said Burt P. Flickinger III, managing director of the consumer industry consulting firm Strategic Resource Group. "People are going to be able to put good food on the table, but in a few weeks they will go back to hamburger meat and macaroni."

Retailers have already tried to grab a share of the billions of dollars flowing to households. Sears Holdings Corp. is offering discounts and freebies to shoppers who convert rebate checks into gift cards. Home Depot Inc. launched a campaign urging people to spend on eco-friendly products like energy-saving light bulbs..

Kroger Co. has already announced that shoppers can convert $300 rebate checks into a $330 Kroger gift card.

"I'd estimate that we had about 100 people indicate they were ready to get the cards as soon as they could," Brad Casebolt, the manager of a Kroger said in Sharonville, Ohio, said Monday. "The interest in it really has been overwhelming."

Joyce Gundling, who was loading groceries at another suburban Cincinnati grocery, said she would take advantage.

"The way groceries are skyrocketing, I'll probably end up spending it here anyway," she said. "This way, I get more for my money."

Associated Press Writers Martin Crutsinger in Washington, Lisa Cornwell in Cincinnati and Michelle Smith in Seekonk, Mass. contributed to this report.

Jorge Said:

Who or what does Freedman & Wexler?

We Answered:

Who or what do Freedman and Wexler - what? This isn't a complete question.

They're a Chicago law firm who practice collections and
bankruptcy law and have represented:
Volkswagen Credit
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
K Mart, Incorporated
BMW Credit
Telecheck Recovery Services
City of Chicago
Household Finance Corp.

Here's their web site:

Darryl Said:

What does this tell you about our presidential candidates?

We Answered:

It tells us what is blatantly obvious, that ALL the other candidates apart from Ron Paul are in the pockets of big business.

Contrary to popular belief, Obama IS funded by lobbying groups. None of the 'big three' are not tainted by commercial money. It means that they are more interested in looking after the interests of the businesses that fund them than of the American people.

Are you aware that $1.2 trillion has 'gone missing' since the Iraqi war began $1.2 tr!!!!!!!! How much is that for every household in the country? What could YOU have done with that money instead of it being 'lost' in the waste, fraud and abuse of the war. The only losers are the American taxpayers, you're being fleeced by your Government, the people that are supposed to look after YOUR interests, not the contractors paid to provide services for the military in an illegal war.

Haliburton is one of the main beneficiaries of such contracts, Y'know who's a major shareholder in Haliburton? George W Bush.

Courtney Said:

Cumulative voting is a method of voting designed to allow minority shareholders representation on the board of

We Answered:

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The only losers are the American taxpayers, you're being fleeced by your Government, the people that are supposed to look after people.

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