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Brenda Said:

Should I Call My Credit Card Company To Refuse Payment On An American Airline Ticket?

We Answered:

Did you buy the travel insurance?

Most airlines sell that to give you an option for a refund. I have never flown on an airline that didn't offer travel insurance because they freely provide refunds.

Why didn't you call? Obviously you are a "no show". Look at it from their perspective. Maybe you slept in, missed the cab, etc. Why should they refund you for missing the flight, especially since you didn't give them notice?

You can ask the credit card company for a chargeback, and AA can put you on collections. You can then sue them in return, and then they can point to the contract you agreed to when you purchased the tickets.

Just because other airlines made an exception for you doesn't mean they have to too. I would just eat the cost of the tickets and avoid them in the future.

Irene Said:

Do you find that fewer and fewer merchants are taking Discover Card?

We Answered:

no i have no had any problem finding a place to use my card!!! i like you love the service i have received from discover and i have had it forever -- the places you listed i have never heard of so i do not have that problem!!!

Megan Said:

How Do I Get A Refund/Flight Credit On American Airlines?

We Answered:

WTF indeed. So apparently you're in the habit of just not showing up.

If you write a letter asking, not demanding, and leaving out the rant and threats, you may get your money back. I said may.

Corey Said:

can you please summarize this?

We Answered:

that is your job!

Darren Said:

can you please summarize this?

We Answered:

Sounds like a terrorist is being questioned to find more terrorists.

Sandra Said:

How do you cancel or change a flight on American Airlines?

We Answered:

You know what they say, " you get what you paid for." Cheaper tickets are full of restrictions. That's why they are cheap. Your Ad Here

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If you had missed the flight, then it is your own fault and you cannot blame the airlines. They cannot afford loss, just because you did not show up. If you had not booked your ticket then they might have filled it with some other. Even if you sue them in court, they can easily get off, with the agreement you signed while purchasing the ticket.