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Wireless Credit Card Service

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Kimberly Said:

Question about Credit Debt ?

We Answered:

Do not file for bankruptcy!!! Ask family or parent to assist you back to health and burn the credit card or close those accounts until you get out of school. Such a small amount would be better to be reported as a bad debt than to do something so drastic as BK.

Yvonne Said:

Can I use a "cell phone dock" with a Nurit 3010 credit card swipe machine?

We Answered:

You will not be able use a cell phone dock on many networks for data applications including modems, fax machines and credit card terminals. The issue is that digital cellular networks compress the traffic that is passed over them so any advanced service applications will be degraded beyond use unless they specifically recognize and support the service. The service may work on an analog network, but these are very slow (and rarer every day).

There are new services that will work on a regular cellular network that are being launched, but as you can imagine, this will require $$$, too.

Have you considered a dial-pay account? This would require you to pay a slightly higher key-entered rate for each transaction instead of the lower swipe fee, but if you are paying as much as you imply for the wireless service, this should save you quite a bit of money. It would depend greatly on your average transaction and how many transactions you process.

If you have specific questions, contact me at or cal me at (920)-993-9433.

Salvador Said:

Company forgot to charge my card and now 2 months later they want money.?

We Answered:

Funny, you noticed you didn't get refunded the deposit, but didn't notice you were never charged $1,000 in the first place. Did you think they wouldn't check when you asked them for a refund? They provided you the service you contracted for so they are entitled to their fee. If you hadn't called it to their attention in the first place you would have gotten it for free. You opened up the can of worms so don't complain now that they want their money. Meanwhile you've collected interest on that $1,000 for these months. You got off easy. Give them their $400 due.

Judy Said:

How can i get the credit card receipt?

We Answered:

On line u can down load n print the same.
If u want separate one ...u will get thru Courier along with instrument

Brian Said:

What is simple yet pretty quick way to improve credit so a wireless carrier don't want a huge deposit?

We Answered:

The quickest thing to do is to pull your credit reports and dispute any inquiries that impact your score and are outdated or unauthorized. You need to do this in writing with the bureaus. Yes, it takes about 30 days but it is a quick way to get a boost in score if you have a ton of inquiries. Besides that you can also dispute any inaccurate or outdated information on your reports as well.

There really is no quick fix with raising your scores... I know my advice probably won't give you the quick way you are looking for, but it is the easiest and quickest way to get a meaningful change in your scores. Your Ad Here

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