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Ana Said:

What are some new, exciting, practical, ideas for a home business?

We Answered:

definitely the baking thing!!! it's all about marketing your product! how, where, to who... if you have a great product, it still might fail if you don't know how to market it. find out what you can make-great!-that people will want to pay for. what would YOU want to buy? specialty bake goods for special occasions? home-made orginal something-or-others, to sell in private stores around your town. get your name out there, find an inexpensive way to package, someone who will sell your stuff in their store... you can do it! work hard, use your creativity on a unique product, or maybe a not so unique product, but one that hasn't been offered yet in your small town. delivery bake goods? monthly delivery bakegoods that you can freeze? (like a fruit of the month thing that people give as gifts) there are so many things you can do! do your research, actually talk to people, see if they would be interested in such and such product. go for it!!!! you will be so rewarded for even having tried!!!! best of luck :)

Sylvia Said:

Small Business ideas I can do from home?

We Answered:

There are none that you can do without having any specific knowledge. There are people that make money being affiliates, some will produce software, create websites or/and graphics.
From zero you will ideally set up a blog and start blogging.
Or even look at other people's blogs, see the banners on them they are ads from google or similar networks, when people click on them you get a few pennies or a few dollars.

Mattie Said:

What are some good home business ideas?

We Answered:

I believe you are on the right track. Home business is the way of the future.

It looks like government statistics are supporting my belief as well, as small buisnesses account for the majority of new jobs in this economy, and home business specifically is racking up over $50 billion in sales per year.

I mention this because when you say "home business," a lot of people--especially friends and family, are going to scoff at the idea and say something to the effect..."You can't make money at home. That's all Internet scam stuff."

If you hear that, refer them to businessforhome dot org, where they can see for themselves that people do make money at home.

In my opinion, the best way to start a home business is to follow a proven path. Sure, Americans love independent thinkers, and your ideas may be better than mine. But, if you're just getting started in the home business or online marketing world, you may want to stick to the trail for a while and learn the lay of the land.

I would recommend you find an online company that offers a product or service you would be proud to market. Learn from this company and see if you can market the product or service at a national or international level via the Internet.

These types of opportunities generally have very low entry costs, and can be operated from home without having to have an office or retail outlet.

Lucy Said:

do you know any ideas for small business that can be done at home?

We Answered:

Ways to make money online

Sells stuff on ebay
The best dropshipper site

Become a freelancer
The best freelance job site

Get paid to blogs
The best get paid to blog site

Online paid surveys
The best online paid surveys site

Internet marketing
The best internet marketing tutorial

Become a publisher
The best online publisher site

Hope I help you

Ralph Said:

Need ideas for a small business that I can operate from home, see post for details.?

We Answered:


My name is Angie. I saw your question and think that perhaps I can help.

I have a few businesses that I run from home. I'm going to present them all to you (go to each website to learn more) and then you can choose if any will fit your wants and needs. Please understand that whatever you decide is fine with me. I'm just here to give the information and honestly won't be hurt by rejection. I would also like for you to know that whether you decide to join any of the following businesses or not -- I'd love to help in any way possible. I'm currently offering complementary business consultations.

I am also tired of bull so I won't be giving you any. The businesses range in startup investment from Free to $499 (plus additional fees if joining the optional program). I'm currently working them all and am more than happy to answer any questions you might have. If you choose any of these I will give you information on what works and what doesn't as far as advertising your business is concerned. All of these businesses are Internet based but can also be (and should be) shared offline. Here's the list:

Global Cash Flow Network (I honestly don't recall what I paid for this one but it's taught me how and where to place ads online and off -- VERY valuable) it introduces you to the world of affiliate marketing. Go to

Global Domains International -- I just started this one. It's free for 7 days and then $10 per month. I'm in my first month and with the holidays haven't done much advertising but will be stepping things up tomorrow once my husband is back at work and the kids are in school --

ITV Ventures -- this is by far my most favorite. It's either $165 or $499 to start. I believe with you living in MI I can only offer you the $165 option due to MI state law (I'll double check though). There is an optional program you can sign up for where you can take incoming infomercial calls. I've been taking the incoming calls for 7 months now -- that's why I really love this one -- it works. It deals with all natural products that actually do what they say they will do. I've got all the information on my website - even all the associated costs -- just go to

MY POWER MALL -- this one is absolutely FREE and is an amazing concept. Both my eldest daughter and I are doing this one. If I try to explain it I'll mess up big time so just go to

Young Living - the startup is between $40 and $300 depending on which "Start Living" kit you choose. Young Living has a wide variety of natural health products and every product contains vital essential oils. Just go to

Please let me know if you have any questions for me. You can email me at or call me directly toll free at 888-616-5728.

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