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India Stock Markets

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Paul Said:

How to learn intraday trading at stock markets in india?

We Answered:

What do u wanna know about intra day trading???
well trading is simple....i think u must be knowing how to buy n sell...
when it comes to intra day ..u do both buying and selling in the same day....
if u buy in the morning and sell in the evening its called going Long
and if u sell in the morning and buy in the evening( before market closes) its called going Short...
there actually nothing more to know about intra day trading other than these terms...
probably ull have to know when to buy n sell...there would be no appropriate answer for such question..coz if everybody knows that we are all billionaires..
it depends on individual appetite for profits and risk taking capabilities...
u would suggest to go in for intra day if and only if u r ready to take that risk...coz u might get dumped....if something like bombing in US happens...
and go for the scrips which have max liquidity...and also check out the volatility of that stock before investing......
web sites doesnt give u inputs reg how to trade but they will suggest u on which stock to invest..
there are many sites like
many many more to give u market info...
Hope this info helps u...
i wish u good luck...
Happy investing..!!!!!!!

Marion Said:

What is the procedure for trading US stock markets from India?

We Answered:

What do you mean..."What is the procedure?".

It is a pretty simple process..."Buy & Sell or Short & Cover".

The procedure would be that you stay up all night and sleep all day.

Dwayne Said:

total no of stock markets in india?

We Answered:

at present only two markets are functioning
bombay stock exchange
national stock exchange

third Delhi stock exchange will be start very soon

Jessie Said:

22 Stock markets of INDIA with names?

We Answered:

Bombay Stock Exchange
National Stock Exchange

Ahmedabad Stock Exchange
Bangalore Stock Exchange
Bhubaneshwar Stock Exchange
Calcutta Stock Exchange
Cochin Stock Exchange
Coimbatore Stock Exchange
Delhi Stock Exchange
Guwahati Stock Exchange
Hyderabad Stock Exchange
Jaipur Stock Exchange
Ludhiana Stock Exchange
Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange
Madras Stock Exchange
Magadh Stock Exchange
Mangalore Stock Exchange
Meerut Stock Exchange
OTC Exchange Of India
Pune Stock Exchange
Saurashtra Kutch Stock Exchange
Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange
Vadodara Stock Exchange

Marcus Said:

There is no differnce in playing in stock markets and in casinos, so why not permit casinos in india?

We Answered:

If doing so puts black money back in the economy then this is the best case for gambling!
How ever I have 2 Qs
1)Black money still filters back in the economy as people spend lavishly on food,entertainment ,clothing, jewelry etc.
2)There are lots of selfish compulsory gamblers who will further spread misery in family and society affecting the most innocent namely women and children.
In the west at least ther is welfare and some kind of safety net. In India it can be just disastrous. Your Ad Here

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