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Multiple Stock Charts

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Jeffery Said:

Whats the difference between diferent Charts?

We Answered:

Bar charts are generally used for showing quantities. In the newspaper, you may see bar charts showing how many people are going to vote for a particular candidate.

Line charts generally show trends. The stock market uses line charts every day to show how the price of a particular stock or index has changed over a period of time.

A pie chart is used when you want to show how many of a particular group falls into a specific category. For example, in the voting example above, you might be able to use a pie chart as well - the entire pie represents the voting population, and the pie wedges represent the different candidates' totals.

A radar chart is tricky - it's kinda like a pie chart in shape, but uses lines extending from the center similar to a line chart. These would be used for plotting results from multiple categories, where the categories fall on the lines that extend from the center. This could be used in customer service surveys, for example - you could have different axes representing time on hold, satisfaction with the representative, courteousness, and ability to solve the problem, with numbers closer to the center being the higher ratings. The number of axes can vary, and it's usually better that the categories are something measurable on a numerical scale.

Dustin Said:

Is there a way in Yahoo finance or elsewhere to show multiple individual stock charts at once?

We Answered:

I know of no way to get twenty seperate charts up at once, but if you enter other symbols in the box marked " compare" can get up to about five stocks on the same chart . ( seperate the symbols by a comma I think).
It might not be exactly what you want, but if you print could compare another five and print that,etc.

Edgar Said:

Can I work out correlation between multiple stocks?

We Answered:

The number of stocks doesn't make the process of determining diversity more difficult. You know the sectors in which your stocks reside. Make sure you are not concentrated in one area, as you know.
If you desire to compare the stocks performance over time, log in to Yahoo, Financial, and plot a chart of the stocks over the interval of interest, 3 month, YTD, and 2 year charts are informative, and compare with the relative indexes, as well.

Bob Said:

Explain the difference between Absolute charts and Relative Charts?

We Answered:

Here are your 8 types of charts. I don’t know about the difference between Absolute charts and Relative Charts. Anyway this will get you started. ↔

Column: compares values across categories
Line: with markers displayed at each data value
Pie: displays the contribution of each value to a total
XY (Scatter): compares pairs of values
Area: displays the trend of the contribution of each value over time or categories
Doughnut: like a pie chart but can contain multiple series
Surface (3-D): shows trends in values across two dimensions in a continuous curve
Stock: high-low-close. Requires three series of values in this order Your Ad Here

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