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1040ez Tax Form Booklet

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Laurie Said:

Taxes help...1040ez form!?

We Answered:

Go to the links

Victoria Said:

What is a tax return/refund?

We Answered:

If you go online to a site like H & R Block, you can efile a return and they will prompt you what to do every step of the way. It's so easy and a lot of times there service is free if you make under a certain amount of $$. As you input info, they fill in the boxes for you and figure out how much of a refund you will get back. It's worth a try since you are so unfamiliar with it all and you will find it's very user friendly.

Also, depending on which state you live in, you may not have to file State taxes. We live in Texas so there are no State taxes so we don't have to file a return--only a Federal. And, there is no 3rd form for local taxes either!

Basically, you may only need a form 1040EZ if you are single and have no dependents (there are a few more restrictions) and that form is soooooooo easy to fill out! It is so basic and will tell you what to put on each line off of your W2 that you should of received from your employer. If you did not make that much last year, you may end up getting a refund of all the federal taxes that you paid--Good Luck!

Christian Said:

How much money would the federal gov't save by sending me the CORRECT tax booklet/form?

We Answered:

Hey, at least you aren't the guy in a recent year who called up to get *one* 1040 instruction booklet and someone ordered him 1,040 of them (and the warehouse *did* ship them!).

The IRS computer *tries* to save a tree based on how you filed the year before, but I think the codes have been screwed up ever since telefile went away.

By the way, 1040EZ now goes up to $100,000 of income (up from $50,000 a few years ago). If your income is higher than that, congratulations.

Lori Said:

Where can I find a current (2/2008) IRS tax "booklet"?

We Answered:

Look for "1040EZ instructions" on the IRS website.

1040EZ Form.…

1040EZ Instruction Booklet.…

Roberto Said:

Where to mail 1040ez form?

We Answered:

This link below is an IRS page titled "MINNESOTA - Where to File Addresses for Individual Taxpayers"

Rita Said:

Can anyone find a pdf of the 2006 1040ez tax booklet for Oregon for me?

We Answered:

I don't live in Oregon, but I took a quick look at the State of Oregon's website and it doesn't look to me like the state has a 1040EZ form or booklet. It looks to me like the "short form" for Oregon personal income taxes is called 40S. Are you talking about the federal 1040EZ form/instructions? If so, you can find those at The instructions are specifically at…

Zachary Said:

this is my 1st time filing for taxes and i have a 1040ez form, what do i do?

We Answered:

It's called the ez because it really is. Beside the form, go get a 1040EZ booklet, it has the address for you to send your form to. Make a copy for your records and don't forget to send it your IRS
w-2 attached with it and sign the form.. I have been doing income taxes for around 30 years, mostly by hand, just like you. Save your $ do it yourself. When you have kids, mortgage, higher income etc. then it will
make sense to have a pro do it. Your state income tax may be a little harder, California is very
confusing, but i can still do it in less than 15 minutes. Best of luck to you. Your Ad Here

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