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Irs Tax Preparation Software

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Albert Said:

whats the better software for tax preparation,h and r block or tax cut? Please advise as to why ou like the o

We Answered:

I use Liberty Tax instead of any H&R block product because of the scandel last last regarding tax payment fraud H&R Block is still in the process of being sued about that scandel. Because of that doing a tax return with H&R Block is now an INSTANT RED FLAG that may trigger an IRS tax payment audit best to switch to someone else for a while and wait for the dust to settle.

Sarah Said:

Tax preparation Software?

We Answered:

Go to… as recommended by IRS. You don't have to buy anything or subscribe to anything and it refers to all the right tax rates.

I have prepared several returns with this program so far this season after working up the returns manually and have had no issues, but direct deposit to the accounts within a week.

Input is easy, but you do need to know what forms to use and what your 2008 AGI was. And you have to read the directions on each screen.


Ivan Said:

How can I build my own Independent Income Tax Preparation Software?!?

We Answered:

In theory you could write the code and have it be good enough to hook into the IRS software for efiling. The layouts of the records to be sent in are published.

*You* would have to be ready and able to update the software to incorporate any changes the IRS made. This is not easy as Congress can change the laws on 12/26. Your Ad Here

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