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Withholding Tax Form

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Christine Said:

how can i retrieve a W4 tax withholding form?

We Answered:…

Valerie Said:

how to increase State Income Tax Withholding in massachusetts?

We Answered:

The Massachusetts state income tax witholding form is Form M-4, similar in function to the federal W-4.

Joyce Said:

What do I need to put on my New York State IT-2104 tax withholding form to increase amount withheld from pay?

We Answered:

Reduce your allowances to zero (0) particularly on the part-time work..

Kyle Said:

How do I provide a w-2 tax form for my employee in california?

We Answered:

you need a W-4 from her (with her name, address and social security number). You also will need to file form 941, a form 940, and possibly a form with your state for withholding and for state unemployement tax.

If you've been paying her in cash them you probably haven't been withholding medicare and social security tax on her wages, which you will now need to pay in. You will want to gross up her wages for those taxes at 7.65% (if you paid her $100 in cash, then her gross wages would be $107.65). You're going to have to pay those taxes in too.

I strongly suggest that you seek out the assistance of an accoutant to get this squared away, as there are other implications of having an employee that may need to be addressed (like your worker's compensation insurance for example).

Karen Said:

what form should a non resident employee file to avoid tax from it US employer?

We Answered:

Assuming that your father is NOT a US citizen or legal resident he is NOT subject to US taxation on any of this income. He does not have a SSN and cannot be required to get an ITIN (and isn't eligible for either anyway) so he does NOT need to provide any form or number to the payer of the funds. If they insist on a W-9 he could fill one out and write "Non-Resident Alien" where the SSN would go. That should satisfy the payer.

The W8-BEN and 8233 are for individuals temporarily in the US who are claiming tax treaty exemption from withholding or tax treaty reductions of tax liability or other tax treaty treatment of their tax situation. They are not used by a non-resident alien working outside of the US for a US employer.

Francis Said:

Where can I find an Oklahoma W-4 form for tax withholding?

We Answered:

Not all states have their own withholding certificate.
Oklahoma does not have a state withholding form. Employers use the federal W-4 form for state and federal withholding purposes.
You can download W-4 forms from the website or you can order the forms by calling 1-800-829-3676. Your Ad Here

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The W8-BEN and 8233 are for people briefly in the US who are guaranteeing charge bargain exclusion from withholding or duty settlement diminishments of assessment obligation or other expense arrangement treatment of their duty circumstance. They are not utilized by a non-occupant outsider working outside of the US for a US manager.

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Expecting that your dad is NOT a US native or lawful inhabitant he is NOT subject to US tax collection on any of this pay. He doesn't have a SSN and can't be required to get an ITIN (and isn't qualified for either in any case) so he doesn't have to give any frame or number to the payer of the assets.